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Senators: Support Patent Reform

It's Time to Stand with Innovators

Patent trolls are dragging down American innovators. Apps Alliance members, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and job creators are calling on Congress to stop patent trolls and pass reasonable and essential reform. / Read letters to Congress from hundreds of innovators and prominent VCs

Troll Fighter Spotlight

Alex Broeker
CEO, TabbedOut
Austin, Texas
TabbedOut allows customers to view and pay their restaurant or bar tabs online. This year, the Austin based startup was named one of CNNMoney's 15 best financial sites and apps, but its success also drew the attention of a patent troll with a history of suing companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries.
The troll initially claimed TabbedOut infringed their patent of a "information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation." Months of wasted time and nearly $100,000 in legal fees later, they agreed with CEO Alex Broeker that TabbedOut did not directly infringe but claimed the app enabled other businesses to infringe and filed suit. 
The "indirect infringement" suit has taken more time and money to fight. "We could have hired at least two more people and done more with those assets," Broeker said. 
The company, along with other defendants, has requested a Covered Business Method review to invalidate the patent at the PTO. 


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Protect Small Businesses from Patent Trolls

Apps Alliance members, innovators and thousands of small, Main Street businesses  are targeted and attacked by patent trolls. Instead of creating jobs and growing their businesses too many app developers, grocers, retailers, and restaurant owners are being threatened, extorted, and dragged into court to fight frivolous lawsuits. Give Main Street businesses a chance to fight back against patent trolls—expand the Covered Business Method Program, increase transparency in troll demand letters, and protect end users.