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Nick Damuth

San Diego, CA

I'm currently working freelance as a programmer in between various projects, teaching, and research. I've been working with Brain-New on their mobile application "Find It" - which is set to be released in time for the holidays. Many of the current projects on my bench deal with mixed reality and custom electronics, so I keep an Arduino micro-controller nearby at all times.

I started coding back in the late 90s because I was drawn in by what at the time was known as MUDs. I began tinkering with LambdaMOO, participating in the Advanced Mud Concepts forum, and eventually went on to write an entire MUD server in PERL. As an artist first, I found it just as much a creative outlet to be able to build worlds with code as pencil and brush. I eventually went on to a small startup programming back end Perl/CGI, Lingo, Java/Javascript for a multimedia and web design firm.

In 10 years, I see the future of technology and humanity in general to be moving towards the concepts of Mixed reality. I think mobile will be seen as one of the early and exciting stages in that progression. Ten years is a long timeline in the industry, but eventually we are looking at a union of everything from home servers, pads, mobile, micro-controllers, laptops, lans, and many other devices to work in harmony to create an otherworldly experience of productivity and reality.