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Looking for Love in the Palm of Your Hand


(February 14, 2013) - Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day and now it's also on your smartphone!  Online dating has transformed romance in the US over the past decade, but according to Flurry Inc.’s research, users have been spending more time on dating mobile apps than their website equivalents since 2011. As mobile app usage has surpassed Internet usage, companies like Alliance members Hinge and Find Your Lobster have bypassed web engagement and gone straight to developing a mobile app. E-dating giant eHarmony is finding its mobile conversion rate up nearly 40% year after year. This apps category is booming, with projected revenue over the next five years estimated to reach $415 million, doubling from its current level of $212 million.
With more Americans owning smartphones than basic phones, dating app developers are finding themselves in the right environment to claim their piece of the market. For example, Find Your Lobster, a NYC-based dating app, sets users up with a daily batch of “lobsters” which he or she can vote on. If the feeling is mutual, the app suggest three possible dates for you and your new match. DC-based Hinge syncs with your Facebook account so you can rate friends of friends and discover mutual attraction. These apps and many more are finding their own particular niche are breaking up the monoliths of e-dating, giving consumers more options than ever before and heating up the competition. 

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