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Application Developers Alliance Recommends Software Patent Improvements

New York, NY (February 27, 2013) - Today, Application Developers Alliance will be speaking at the second USPTO Software Patent Roundtable (watch the webcast here). At the first roundtable, President Jon Potter made recommendations to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) for improving the software patent system. With these roundtables, the PTO is launching a partnership with the software community with the goal of improving software patents.

"When we started the App Developers Alliance, many early members told us there shouldn't be any software patents. They said the Patent Act did not authorize software patents; that software didn't need patent protection at all since it is completely protected by copyright; and that developers are being held hostage by trolls who wield poor-quality patents like machetes. When the people who are supposed to benefit from software patents are saying they don't want them, then something is amiss," Potter said.
The Alliance asked the PTO to focus on two essential goals:
  • Ensuring that the Patent Office is not awarding monopolies for mere ideas, rather than inventions,
  • And ensuring that claims are described clearly and precisely and do not exceed the boundaries of the carefully and precisely described invention. 
USPTO Software Partnership


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