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Developer Spotlight: Nick Damuth

Name: Nick Damuth

Location: San Diego, CA

Company: Brain-New


Why did you start coding?
I started programming back in the late 90s because I was drawn in by what at the time was known as MUDs. I began tinkering with LambdaMOO, participating in the Advanced Mud Concepts forum, and eventually went on to write an entire MUD server in PERL. As an artist first, I found it just as much a creative outlet to be able to build worlds with code as pencil and brush. I eventually went on to a small startup programming back end Perl/CGI, Lingo, Java/Javascript for a multimedia and web design firm.
What are you working on right now?
Aside from a day job teaching Electronic Theory and Radar Principles, I freelance as a programmer in between various projects and research. I'm currently working with Brain-New on their mobile application "Find It" - which is set to be released in time for the holidays. Many of the current projects on my bench deal with mixed reality and custom electronics, so I keep an Arduino micro-controller nearby at all times.
Where do you see the industry going in the next ten years?
I really see the future of technology and humanity in general to be moving towards the concepts of Mixed reality. I think mobile will be seen as one of the early and exciting stages in that progression. Ten years is a long timeline in the industry, but eventually we are looking at a union of everything from home servers, pads, mobile, micro-controllers, laptops, lans, and many other devices to work in harmony to create an otherworldly experience of productivity and reality. Mobile will evolve beyond the phone as much as computing has evolved beyond the traditional tower PC. At the same time, we won't be losing all the elements, but rather leveraging all of them together. I imagine we will have a much more blurred line between what we consider "technology" and the "net" as we know it now, regardless how much we imagine we have blurred that line already.