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Developer Spotlight: Arthur Low


Name: Arthur Low
Location: Madison, WI
Company: Filament Games
Why did you start coding?
While in high school, I was heavily into serious text-based gaming. Specifically, multi-user dungeons, or MUDs, were my passion - a perfect medium for a child who grew up reading and having an incredibly active imagination. But the only way to create my own worlds was to program. That was the first time I started tinkering around in C. Programming was a required skill in order to add my own playable classes or build new areas to explore in the MUDs. Having enjoyed this experience I took every programming class that I could in high school and my career followed.
What are you working on right now?
At Filament Games I'm always working on something new and exciting. Currently, I'm working on an educational game to teach students about how the various attributes and properties of stellar systems affect a planet's ability to support life. Next week I'll be back to working on a plant growing simulation that teaches the processes involved in turning a simple seed into edible fruit!
Where do you see the industry going in the next ten years?
Smartphones are just the first step in a whole new augmented reality industry. We'll be relying less and less on the computers in our pockets and more on smart systems - both wearable and embedded in the products and services we use every day. We've already begun to see technology integrated in places we hadn't previously expected: refrigerators that know when food goes bad or eyeglasses that can recognize faces. For my company, that means we need to be thinking about how people will learn in the coming years - and how their interactions will be guided by new technology.