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Annie Phan

San Francisco, CA

I'm currently working on Gimmie, the white label provider of loyalty tools and software targeted towards digital media publishers who want ways to reward their top users. We also provide a complementary service to help monetize the reward programs we power by actively sourcing for sponsorship to secure free products and paid performance-based marketing revenue from stores and brands.

I started coding in high school, when I taught myself HTML. I wanted to have a website and I couldn't afford to hire a web designer. To me, it was a tool to express myself and be creative with what I can have the computer do for me. It is also a language that's fun to learn and a way to play with new technologies more than just from a user's perspective. 

In 10 years, newer, faster devices will surface coupled with better ways to engage and monetize users - that's for sure. That will probably be the next big thing. I'm crossing fingers and waiting for it!